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Shikra video
The Shikra has a broken foot. Taken at Doi Inthanon national park Feb. 10, 2012 while on a birdwatching tour with All Thailand Experiences.
Added: 788 days ago by: allthai
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Goliath Heron
Adult summer Goliath Heron at Wadi Lahami, Egypt
Added: 1947 days ago by: Daniel
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Forbes's Forest-Rail ? (2)
Could this be a male Forbes's Forest-Rail ? To my knowledge, only Chestnut F-R is reported from the Kumul Lodge feeder, however see this individual's clear chestnut upper back. The clear white spots on (only) the left wing are aberrant for any plumage on any Forest-Rail. Comments are welcome!
Added: 1256 days ago by: Remco
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Tanager Finch
Upper Mindo area, Ecuador, July 2008.
Added: 2029 days ago by: PaulHopkins
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Chestnut-coloured Woodpecker - 1
A chance encounter, a feeding pair this close to the trail - my second lifer-woodpecker after having seen a drumming & double-knocking male Pale-billed Woodpecker on the grounds of the ecolodge that same morning! PS 13 Ocellated Turkeys and a male Great Curassow (both lifers as well) were seen on the road towards the ruins....
Added: 883 days ago by: Remco
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One of those seldom seen tame males. Feeding fearless on pine needles. 6th of April, 120 K's from Oulu - Finland 2012. Full Report of this Finnish trip later on
Added: 737 days ago by: JanKelchtermans
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Black-vented Oriole in Rio Grande Valley,TX
This oriole is both quite large, due in part to it's long bill and tail, and quite striking with it"s contrasting black and yellowish-orange plumage. It was reported in Bentsen State Park that this is the 6th record for sightings in Texas though it is reported to occur regularly in Arizona. More video clips of this bird at Http://
Added: 1195 days ago by: SeEttaMoss
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Channel Wagtail
Channel Wagtail Abberton April 2008
Added: 2174 days ago by: markhows
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Great Blue Heron
close up Great Blue Heron - videoscoped with Kowa TSN883 and Canon HV20
Added: 1858 days ago by: andyb
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Great Blue Heron
Ardea herodias Sarasota, FL 50
Added: 1583 days ago by: toloko
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Rainbow Pitta 2
However, there was no need to even enter the forest, as 20 mins later I saw three easily along the trail...this one less than 10m from it!
Added: 1262 days ago by: Remco
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Red-billed Starling
Visible from the same rooftop as a pair of Pied Falconet (see other videos).
Added: 1772 days ago by: Remco
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Mikado Pheasant
The suggestion to repeatedly drive a 20-km dawn-tourist-infested stretch of mountainroad appears rather useless - until one bumps into a party of three confiding males; viewable for close to half an hour....
Added: 1773 days ago by: Remco
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White-whiskered Hermit
Hermits are rarely found at feeders, and never land on them like other hummers frequently do.
Added: 388 days ago by: Remco
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Sociable Lapwing
Sociable Lapwing, part of a flock of 90 birds at Jarziz Farm, Oman. For more information on this highly endangered species, visit
Added: 1167 days ago by: Daniel
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Garden Frog frenzy
More than 20 pairs of Frogs and several single males were cavorting and laying spawn and wrestling and croaking in our Peterborough, UK, garden today (20.3.10).
Added: 1488 days ago by: MichaelWeedon
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Common Raven
A pair engaging in kind some kind aerial play possibly related to courting behavior. Ventura County California USA. This is a 16:9 video, so check the resizing button in the viewer's tool bar to view the best quality.
Added: 2322 days ago by: dond
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White-handed Gibbon - 2
Here's mummy, curious about who's looking up underneath her. While daddy and their kid are actively feeding and moving, she keeps mostly still.
Added: 1103 days ago by: Remco
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Long-wattled Umbrellabird (2 of 2)
The female has a slighter umbrella over the bill, but is most easily identified by the lack of the very long throatwattle the males have.
Added: 386 days ago by: Remco
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Fulvous Babbler
A perched bird
Added: 1529 days ago by: eric
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