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Leica APO Televid 62 with 32x eyepiece

"As a small telescope I believe this to currently be the best available. ..."

Review by Brian J Small (brian At

As a bird tour guide I get the chance to look through a large variety of telescopes - actually I enjoy comparing them whilst in the field. Currently, of the smaller models that I have looked through, two stand out from the crowd: the Swarovski ATS 65 HD and the Leica APO Televid 62.

Leica UK have allowed me to field test the APO Televid 62 with the 32x eyepiece (I hope to able to use it wit

Leica APO Televid 62 with 32x eyepiece

h a zoom in the near future). I was not disappointed and in almost every respect I found the image to be superb. The image is extremely sharp right across the whole image, with no fall-off in resolution near the edge; the colour reproduction is very good - neutral as with many Leica products (and in the field I have often found the slight yellow cast of the Swarovskis slightly too strong for my liking, indeed I changed an ATS 80 HD partly because of this). The image is quite contrasty, certainly in comparison with th a Zeiss Diascope 85 - which is what you might expect, and this adds to the crispness and clarity of the view. The eye-piece is comfortable, being the same as the 40x for the larger APO Televid 77, and has a bayonet fitting which is nice and snug. The angle of view is very good. The focusing is via two wheels above the tube of the 'scope: one focuses quickly, the other fine focus - personally I prefer this to the barrel focusing wheel of the Swarovski, but individual preference come into play here.

As a small telescope I believe this to currently be the best available. I feel that it is slightly better than the Swarovski in a couple of subtle ways, I prefer the image colour and the focus-wheels are nicer, though optically there is little or nothing to choose between them.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been using the zoom eyepiece, finding it to be more ‘user-friendly’ than the fixed magnification of the 32x. The zoom goes from 16x to 48x, and is quite simply wonderful, with a beautifully crisp and bright image, and the sharpness of the resolution is excellent. Though the zoom range seems quite low I found the lower magnification to be quite a nice link with the magnification of my binoculars; at the upper end it, by only going up to 48x, it doesn’t suffer from the fall off of image quality at the higher end. The eyepiece has a larger diameter and is more comfortable for the eye than the fixed mag. 32x, and I have also used it with my DV video camera with very good results.

I have to say that I really like this telescope with the zoom eyepiece and can gladly recommend it. The image is a touch more contrasting than ‘scopes with a larger objective lens, similarly as one might expect struggles a little in lower light conditions. However, the lens coatings let so much light through the glass that the difference is not as great as one might expect.

Highly recommended.

With the zoom eyepiece this is a 10/10 telescope.

Brian Small

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