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Long-eared Owl Survey 2002

The Hawk and Owl Trust would like to reach as many birders as possible in the UK to help with the Long-eared Owl survey which will be taking place during March 2002. You may remember the "Night of the Long-eared Owl" survey (NOTLE) carried out by the Hawk & Owl Trust in March 2000. Well, after being cancelled in 2001 because of 'Foot & Mouth', the event is back, but with a diference: it's now a month long and now called MOTLE !

Again we are asking for people to go out at night, after pub closing to listen out for Long-eared Owls during the month of March (plus any other owl species heard, especially Tawny Owl). This time however, we have the backing of the BBC and they are now hosting the survey web pages where you will find contact details and survey information.

The Hawk and Owl Trust is trying to get a wider UK picture for this species to add to it's very good knowledge in the South-West and to its good conservation management success for this species in that area.

Taking part in the survey is such an easy thing to do and you can e-mail us your sightings. For more information please contact Chris Sperring at or Nathalie Schorbon at or by phone on 0208-809-2072.