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Dušan Brinkhuizen, Rudy Gelis, Tuomas Seimola & Mitch Lysinger

Dutch/US/Finnish/US 431
ECUADOR, 8 Oct 2015, ABA count rules. Total species list available here. Also more info here.


Rod Cassidy,

African 316
Ian Sinclair, Rod Cassidy and Peter Ryan on 10 Dec 2002 flew four choppers and one Lear jet around South Africa.


Dennis Rogers, Jim Zook, Jay VanderGast

USA/CR/Can 308, 306
Costa Rica ABA rules


John Davies/Lawson's Birding Tours, Jean-Pierre LeRoux, Peter Davies & Roger Ferneyhough

South African 307
Species recorded in 24 hours within a 50km radius (north-east South Africa) - November 2010


George Reed

UK 283


Adam Riley, Jonathan Rossouw, David Hoddinott, Athol Marchant

South African 281
Nov 1998 between Durban and Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, all within a 50km radius as per SA Birding Big Day rules


Ken Behrens, Cameron Cox, Pete Hosner, and Michael Retter

USA 260
US Big Day record: 19 Apr 2008 in central Texas


Marek Latkowski

Poland 257


Clayton Burne, Adrian Burne, Yusuf Koovadia

South African 252
Winner of Junior / School Entry - Birding Big Day, South Africa 1998. 50km radius restriction. Encompassed Albert Falls, Durban, Vernon Crooks etc


William Von Herff

Canadian (Ontario) 247
12 years old. My most recent addition was the Heermann's gull in Ottawa. Other highlights include Rufous hummingbird,White-faced ibis and Razorbill,


Henry Cook

British 242
Birding by foot and canoe at Cristalino Jungle Lodge, Mato Grosso, Brazil, on 29/10/2014. Didn't set out to do a big day but it turned out to be pretty good! Highlights - Razor-billed Curasow, Sungrebe, Crested Owl, Tapajos Hermit, Rufous-throated Sapphire, Spotted Puffbird, Bronzy Jacamar, Kawall's Parrot, Sclater's Antwren, Tapajos Scythebill, Zimmer's Tody-tyrant, Purple-throated Cotinga, Black-girdled Barbet, 6 tinamous, 5 kingfishers, 8 puffbirds, 8 woodpeckers, 12 parrots, 29 antbirds, 13 furnariids, 44 tyrant-flycatchers, plus 15 cotingas and manakins.


Maan Barua

Assamese 236
236 species in and around Kaziranga National Park - Maan Barua & Polasz Bora. Included several rarities such as Rufous-rumped Grassbird & Falcated Duck. Indian Record.


m a hill

british 233
white rump sandpiper which was a lifer


Andre Bernon

South African 229
229 species in 50km radius within 24 hours


Jeff Pavlik

USA - Michigan 228
Updated Feb 2012


Peter Kaestner

USA 225
Western Guatemala


Nicholas Block, Michael Retter, Matt Hafner, Pete Hosner

IL, USA 224
During the Great TX Birding Classic...could have done quite a bit better if we had been going for a true Big Day instead of concentrating on the whole tournament.


Tramuntana Birding Team: Ponç Feliu, Joan Carles Gimisó, Jordi Sargatal, Oriol Clarabuch, Deli Saavedra and Aleix Comas

Catalan 217
29-4-07 in Catalonia (Spain). New European Record, 13 over last year. No use of tape recordings


Mike Potter

Australian 214
12 hours of birding (7am - 7pm) in Nairobi National Park in the mid-90's with Brian Finch and Neil Davidson - awesome day and one major migraine afterwards


Steve Rovell

Monterey County, CA 208
Steve Rovell, John Sterling & Scott Terrill in Monterey County, CA on May 1, 1999


Tramuntana Birding Team: Pon Feliu, Joan Carles Gimis, Jordi Sargatal, Oriol Clarabuch, Deli Saavedra and Aleix Comas (driver)

Catalan 204
30-4-06 in Catalonia (Spain). New European Record, 2 over last year. No use of tape recordings


Folkert Jan Hoogstra, Theo van Veenendaal, Gijs Baller, Willem Bosma and Jeroen Breidenbach

Dutch 201
May 13 2016 New Dutch record. First over 200! according to local CDNA list which means White bellied brent, Black brent, Yellow headed wagtail, Grey headed wagtail, blue headed wagtail, pied wagtail and white wagtail all count as seperate species. So according to IOC list 197 species. Excluding 3 C catagorie species (Pheasant, Egyptian goose and Rose Ringed parakeet)


Scott Ray

Washington, USA 199
May 1988 Big day with Eugene Hunn and David Hutchinson


Samuel Hansson

Swedish 194
27 August 2004, Palmar� Lodge, Brazil, on foot and without play-back! White-throated and Variegated Tinamous seen, Lined Forest-Falcon, Fiery Topaz, Gould�s Jewelfront, Rusty-breasted Nunlet, Curve-billed Scythebill, Rufous-tailed Xenops, Short-billed Leaftosser, 30 species of antbirds including Undulated Antshrike, Yellow-crested Tanager, 2 new species for science.


R.Puumets, U.Paal, M.Ots

Estonia 194
27.05.2007 Estonia. Both seen and heard counted. No tape recordings were used! NO NEST VISITS OR TWITCHING! North European record?


Dave Bowes



Chris Charlesworth

Canadian 193
May 19, 2010. Team members; Chris Charlesworth, Russell Cannings, Ilya Povalyaev, Avery Bartels. British Columbia. Okanagan Valley and the Lower Mainland. Highlights included Tundra Swan, Harlequin Duck, Spruce Grouse, Brandt's Cormorant, Golden Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, Black Oystercatcher, American Avocet, Whimbrel, Marbled Godwit, Long-billed Curlew, 7 owl species, Common Poorwill, Williamson's Sapsucker, Am. Three-toed Woodpecker, Gray Flycatcher, Purple Martin, Boreal Chickadee, Black-throated Gray Warbler, Brewer's Sparrow, Lark Sparrow, Bobolink, Purple Finch, Evening Grosbeak. Group total a record breaking 197!


Chris Brown, Tom Reed, Jordan Rutter, Spencer Galen

New Jersey 192
5.15.04: 29 species of warbler; 12 sparrows; Purple Gallinule, Scissor-tailed Flycatcher


Bradley Davis & Scott Olmstead

01 August 2007 at the Pousada Rio Azul, state of Pará, Brazil.


János Oláh, Jr

Hungarian 183
We were a team of three and followed European rules. It was in the Hortobágy and Zemplén Hills in Hungary. May 2007. New Hungarian Record! Including Broad-billed Sandpiper, Great Snipe, Oystercatcher, Aquatic Warbler & Moustached Warbler, Saker, Imerial Eagle, Mediterranian Gull, Marsh Sandpiper etc.


Jean-Philippe siblet

French 181
7 may 1994 in France from Le Havre to Camargue via Fontainebleau with Bernard Bougeard & Laurent Spanneut


Sean Fitzgerald

WI - USA 180
5/16/04 - Wisconsin Big Day with Tom Prestby, Eric Howe, and Seth Cutright.


Matt Brady

US 179
23 April, 2005: San Luis Obispo county, California. Highlites include Swainson's Hawk, Vesper Sparrow, Black Rail, Least Tern, Cackling Goose


Terry Brashear, Mike Hendrickson, Mark Ochs, Kim Risen

USA 177
5/18/96 St. Louis County, MN only


Stuart Griffiths

North Cave Wetlands, East Yorkshre 176
Latest Hen Harrier. Highlights: Spotted Sand; GW Teal; Spooted Crake; Little auk


Olivier Barden & Guy Lemelin

Quebec, Canada 175
Quebec Big Day record set 26/5/2007. Highlights include Common Redpoll, Northern Mockingbird, Eastern Screech-Owl.


John Stoner

British 169
Spoonbill!!! SELF-FOUND!!! Little Egret, Manx Shearwater, Great Northern Diver, Little Grebe.


Vincent Stork

Dutch 168
National Big Day with Rudi & Roel Schwartz


Zsombor Ber鮹i, Andr᳠Fodor, Csaba Lendvai

Hungarians, 167
20-05-2006. Best birds: Saker, Great Bustard, Bar-tailed Godwit, Sanderling, Pratincole, Roller, Grey-headed Woodpecker, Red-breasted Flycatcher, Rock Bunting incl. 2 Cat. C.;


Dan Berard

Massachusetts-US 164
20 mile radius in 6.5 hours. 5/20/07 Cape Cod, Ma


Pieter van der Luit - www.birdingholland.com

Dutch 164
24 hr big day (midnight - midnight) in Holland


Rudi, Vincent en Roel

Dutch 163


The Raven Loonaticks

Canadian + British 161
Quebec Big Day - 28th May 2005 - Bird of the day : flight of White-winged Scoter landing on a lake at dawn in the middle of Parc nationale de Mont Tremblant


Mark Harper

British 159
1-3-00 Koshi Tappu, Nepal, two species more than the previous day.


Sevdal Ayger



Marcus Lawson

English 153
BOU only in Kent May '99


Oscar Johnson

USA-Mexico 152
7 January 2005. Ventura County, California. Highlights: Eurasian Wigeon, Common Goldeneye, Red-naped Sapsucker.


Andrs Fodor, Bence Kkay, Attila Steiner, Csaba Lendvai

Hungarian 151
Kiskunsg (Apaj, Bddi-szk), Brzsny, Budapest (Napls) Highlights: Glossy Ibis, Red-throated Pipits, Rock Bunting (May, 2004)


Emanuel Curmi

Maltese 150


Stevie Evans

150 County Record: 12th May 2006: Durham Blackcocks Race Team :- Big Paul Ando, Pablo Hugelist, Jolly Olley & me. New county record (previous 144) . Had 132 at noon. Spoonbill, RNGrebe, BNGrebe, L.Stint, Goldeneye, Crossbill
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