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Justin Bosler

PA/LA (USA) automobile only 628
SABINE'S GULL - Lake Barkley, KY - 29 Dec 2006


Devin Bosler

LA/PA (US), auto only 628
Last bird of year: juv. Sabine's Gull in KY - 29 Dec 2006


Brandon Percival

Colorado 453
Updated 31 Dec 2006


Taj Schottland

USA-VT 446
WESTERN REEF HERON in ME(8/20). Black-tailed Godwit, Little Gull, Connecticut Warbler, Cackling Goose (MA) Rufous-backed Robin, Flame-colored Tanager, White-eared Hummingbird, Arctic Loon, American Dipper, Snail Kite


Edge Wade

USA (MO) 443
Northern Jacana, TX; Swallow-tailed Kite, MO; Western Reef-Heron, NH. 25 Aug 06 update


Kreg Ellzey

USA (LA) 441
Updated 10-11 Nov 2006 - American Dipper, Lewis' & Three-toed Woodpeckers near Flagstaff, AZ


Oscar Johnson

USA/Mexico 437
A week in CO, and in AZ (Aztec Thrushes). California (384): Piping Plover (Self found, 4th state record), Little Stint, Bar-tailed Godwit, Dark-rumped Petrel, Blue-footed Booby. Updated 8/20/06


Scott Schuette

USA- Missouri 433


Rich Merritt

US/NY 398
G-C Yellowthroat in Brownsville, Western Reef Heron in Kittery, Y-H Blackbird at Montezuma NWR


Scott Kennedy

British/US(AZ) 361
Eastern Warblers


Tom Reed

USA-New Jersey 353
Cape May County NJ + 5 days in Lower Rio Grande Valley


Tom Auer

US 352
Last bird was American Three-toed Woodpecker in MI. (Updated 03/15/2007)


Tom Pavlik

USA - Michigan 346
Trips to California, Arizona, others


John Berner

US (Texas) 346
8-Oct: recent: (-5) E. Towhee, N. Shrike, Fox Sparrow, Lincoln's sp, Lapland Longsp., White-breasted Nuthatch, Franklin's Gull, Hairy WP, Clay Colored-Sparrow, Verdin, Mourning warbler, Red-necked phalarope, Black Swift


Michael McQuerrey

USA/California 345
Southeast birding trip - over 10.000 miles - Black-capped Vireo and Red-cockaded Woodpecker


Doug Gochfeld

USA 317
Townsend's Warbler and Harris' Sparrow. All but 3 (Red-cockaded Woodpecker, Brown-headed Nuthatch, Bachman's Sparrow) have been seen in New York.


Ian Davies

USA-Massachusetts 310
(Last updated 3/5/07)


Nathan Moorhatch

USA - CA 284
7/29/06: Aztec Thrush - Madera Canyon, AZ; 8/17/06: Blue-footed Booby, Salton Sea, Riverside Co. CA; 9/16/06: Pectoral Sandpiper, Ontario, CA; 10/1/06: Solitary Sandpiper & Prothonotary Warbler, Orange Co. CA; 10/07/06: Wood Thrush, Crystal Spring, Inyo Co., CA


Dave & Brenda Branchett

USA-FL 185
Updated Nov 10th: Sedge Wren
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