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(Barn Owl header by Nigel Blake)

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VIREO, The Academy of Natural Sciences worldwide collection of bird photographs.

For more stunning photographs from their collection and to find out more about VIREO, visit their website at: http://vireo.ansp.org

"Dabchicks of the world" is the title of this month's photo essay. The smaller grebes are found right across our planet, often breeding on ponds and lakes in close proximity to man. Many a birdwatcher's earliest birding memories will be of the 'small grebe' repeatedly diving below the water's surface giving you but just the briefest of views.

Please click on the thumbnails for a larger image of each species. Please also visit the VIREO website to learn more about VIREO and see more of their photos. VIREO host a new photo essay each month so be sure to check back for a sampling of more gorgeous photographs from the VIREO collection.

To contact VIREO:

Doug Wechsler, Director VIREO

The Academy of Natural Sciences,
1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway,
Philadelphia, PA 19103-1195
Phone 215-299-1069
Fax 215-299-1182
E-mail: vireo@ansp.org


All photos are copyrighted by VIREO and/or its contributing photographers and may not be reproduced or exploited in any fashion without written permission from VIREO.