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Trip Reports & Sightings Posted by Michael Hurben

Trinidad and Tobago - March 2014, author Michael Hurben (added March 24, 2014)
(Asa Wright, Caroni, Aripo, Nariva, Speyside, Rainforest, Little Tobago, Yerette)

United States - Southern California and Northern Arizona - July 2012, author Michael Hurben (added July 9, 2012)
(Grand Canyon, Sequoia, Ventura, Channel Islands)

England (and Scotland) Birding / Sightseeing Trip Report - June 28 -July 6, 2014, author Michael Hurben (added July 7, 2014)
(Surrey, Staines, London, East Lothians, North Berwick, Chobham Commons)

Mexico: Mexico City, November 26th - December 1st 2013, author Michael Hurben (added December 3, 2013)
(Sierra Madre Sparrow, Red Warbler)

Ecuador - Tours based in Tandayapa Lodge - November 2014, author Michael Hurben (added December 20, 2014)

Panama - April 2012 , author Michael Hurben (added April 9, 2012)
(Canopy Tower, Canopy Lodge, El Valle de Antón, Panama City, Rufous-Vented Ground-Cuckoo)