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Taken with a Leica Televid and Nikon CP880.

These shots were of 2 seperate groups of Avocets; the standing in water shot was at South Shore Yacht Club April 25th. The standing on sandy beach shot was the day before at the Oak Creek Metropier.

Avocets are annual in Wisconsin in small numbers in spring, especially in Milwaukee, but this spring was exceptional thanks to a strong SW flow - on the 24th 21 birds were at the Oak Creek Metropier, a day later 78 birds were at or near South Shore Yacht Club.

Brian Boldt / Milwaukee

Green Violet-ear, Old Wiederstein, Cibolo, Texas,
May 2001 © Susan Schaezler

Up to two different Violet-ears have been seen in Texas this past week. The Texas Bird Records Committee lists about 32 accepted records for this large hummingbird.

White-eyed Vireo and Willets, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 6th May 2001

© John Idzikowski

"White-eyedVireo is rare in the southern part of the state, seen mostly in May migration.

Willets are quite regular but uncommon in early May mostly along the shore of Lake Michigan where they stop on sandy beaches to rest." John Idzikowski

"Typically a middle to late May migrant throughout most of the Midwest, this early Philadelphia Vireo was seen in Monroe County, Indiana on 2nd May 2001. These stills are captured from video taken by Chris Wood and provide another example of early arrivals that seem to characterize this spring throughout much of the Midwest." Christopher L. Wood

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