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Nokia N90 Camera Phone Review

The Specs

Camera Resolution: 2 megapixel (1600 x 1200 pixels) camera with Carl Zeiss Optics and autofocus.

Camera extras: Advanced camera modes and adjustments. 64MB MMC card for addiitonal storage.

Display Type: 2.1 inch active matrix

Weight 6.1 ounces

Dimensions 4.41 x 2.0 x 0.94 inches

In our continuing series of articles, we are looking at the potential and techniques of Phonescoping. View the links in the left hand menu to see reviews of other camera phones and more articles on phonescoping.

2 megapixel camera with optics by Zeiss.

First impresions of the Nokia N90 is that this is a camera that also doubles as a phone! The impressive camera is 2 megapixels with Carl Zeiss optics. The camera can swivel which makes it easy to manouver when phonescoping (pointing the camera down a telescope).

This is probably the largest camera phone we have reviewed (see links on left for more reviews) but at 2 megapixels it has the highest resolution. It still can fit easily in the palm of your hand and the swivel head allows you maximum agility when positioning over your telescope eyepiece. For all the photos here, I did not use any sort of digiscoping adaptor. I simply pointed the camera down my telescope.

Mallard (Nokia N90 camera phone and Optolyth 30x telescope)

The camera comes with a standard zoom which allows you to zoom in to avoid vignetting but it also has advanced options such as brightness and contrast control. It even has photo editing capabilities. I tried cropping a photo and found the tools very simple to use. This could be extremely useful if you want to crop in around the bird and then send the photo directly to the Surfbirds phonescoping gallery. You could be getting ID help from thousands of birders all over the world whilst you are still in the field!

Black-crowned Night Heron on far shore above
with Nokia N90 and Optolyth 30x telescope

The phone has a media card reader slot so that you can store photos to a multi mediacard if you fill up the phone's internal memory. A field test around a local park showed that the camera had the ability to take some very good photos. Ducks and herons are relatively simple subjects so I put the camera through its paces with some fast moving passerines. See the results below.


If you are using a camera phone, please don't forget to send your photos to us. You can even send them from your phone whilst in the field! If you can, please let us know the model of phone and scope you are using. We have a World Phonescoping Gallery for photos of basically anything from the natural world and we also have a UK Rarities Phonescoping Gallery.

More Photos Using The Nokia N90

Lesser Goldfinch - CA, USA Feb 06 (no camera zoom with 30x scope)
American Goldfinches - CA, USA Feb 06 (no camera zoom with 30x scope)
House Finches - CA, USA Feb 06 (no camera zoom with 30x scope)
Ruddy Duck - CA, USA Feb 06 (no camera zoom with 30x scope)
Chipping Sparrow - CA, USA Feb 06 (no camera zoom with 30x scope)
Black Phoebe - CA, USA Feb 06 (no camera zoom with 30x scope)