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The Long-billed Murrelet in Devon

Some notes and links to useful articles and photos

Back in 2001, after New York recorded its 2nd Long-billed Murrelet, we mused in the Surfbirds monthly round up for North American Rarities on the possibility of one reaching European shores in the near future. Well, this week Devon birders including Surfbirds blogger Dave Stone and (and some astute internet birders) managed to add it to the British list. There is just one previous record for Europe; between 15 December 1997 and 18 December 1997, Zurichsee, Zollikon, Zurich, first-year, trapped, dead (WP birds).

NEW! - video by Steve Blain www.steveblain.co.uk

Identification Articles

* Relatively recently split from Marbled Murrelet, Steve Mlodinow wrote an excellent review of Long-billed Murrelet status and ID in Birding in December 1997. Download the PDF here

* The Birdguide Article from Oregon birder Greg Gillson

Other Photo Resources

Photographs of a Californian vagrant here